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The Founding of Halifax

Halifax was founded by the English in 1748 to counteract the French military presence at Louisbourg. To build Halifax the English cut down forests and infringed on Micmac lands. This brought them into greater conflict with the native people who were friends and allies of the Acadians. Micmac raids that resulted from the founding of Halifax became another factor in English distrust of the Acadians which culminated with their expulsion.

The founding of HalifaxAs well as establishing a military fort there, the English encouraged more Protestant immigrants to come to add weight against the larger numbers of Catholic Acadians and their converted Micmac allies. (Chief Membertou of the Micmac tribe was one of the first native chiefs to be converted to Catholicism back in 1610.)

As part of this Protestant immigration a number of German Protestants arrived later in the 1700s and established a settlement around Lunenburg, just down the coast from Halifax.

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